Surprising and Fascinating Facts About the Samurai: Japan’s Warrior Lords

Surprising and Fascinating Facts About the Samurai: Japan’s Warrior Lords

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The samurai followed a code known as bushido, which translates in English as “the way of the warrior.” It was (and is) similar in its ethics to the notion of chivalry in the European tradition. 



Samurai are known for following a strict code of morals, ethics, and codes as appointed by bushido, and a samurai who follows bushido is consider successful. Samurai were interested in honor and reputation.



Chivalry is a flower no less indigenous to the soil of Japan than its emblem, the cherry blossom; nor is it a dried-up specimen of an antique virtue preserved in the herbarium of our history. It is still a living object of power and beauty among us; and if it assumes no tangible shape or form, it not the less scents the moral atmosphere, and makes us aware that we are still under its potent spell.









“Had not in hours of peace,

It learned to lightly look on life.”




“That way, over the mountain, which who stands upon,
Is apt to doubt if it be indeed a road;
While if he views it from the waste itself,
Up goes the line there, plain from base to brow,
Not vague, mistakable! What’s a break or two
Seen from the unbroken desert either side?
And then (to bring in fresh philosophy)
What if the breaks themselves should prove at last
The most consummate of contrivances
To train a man’s eye, teach him what is faith?”
—ROBERT BROWNING, Bishop Blougram’s Apology.





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